Brand structure


Understanding the Atlantis Branding System

There are seven sub-brands within Atlantis as shown above. All Atlantis products belong in one of these sub-brands. Each product is known by it’s sub-brand and a simple alpha-numeric code. Search by sub-brand.

For example ICON M1 is a mask, and ICON S1 is a snorkel. The first letters of the code stand for what the product is (K=Knife, BCD=Buoyancy Compensator Device etc), and the number represents the individual product.

Icon numbers start at 1, Quest numbers start at 10, Legacy numbers start at 20, Access numbers start at 30, Spree numbers start at 40, Vertex numbers start at 50 and Tech numbers start at 60. Using this code you can easily identify where a product sits in the Atlantis family. For example G20 is a Legacy glove and F40 is a Spree fin.


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